I have worked for over six years in academic libraries, most of that time in specialty music
libraries. I enjoy my work and especially thrive in environments where I can think forward and
innovate in meaningful ways to support the information needs of patrons. Please read further
about each of the positions that I have held.

Branch Manager - University of Colorado Boulder, Waltz Music Library
In this role, I managed one full-time staff member and over 50 student workers (typically ~12 at one time). I enjoy management opportunities and find great pleasure in taking on various challenges and problems with innovation and thoughtful solutions. For instance, when I assumedhttp://ucblibraries.colorado.edu/music/index.htmshapeimage_1_link_0
this role, the budget for student workers had operated in the red for years. Within just a few months, I was able to both raise the quality of our student workers and stick within our allotted budget. This took planning, research, and a great deal of time investing in quality hiring and training practices, but in the end it substantially paid off. Additionally, I received internal grant funding to engage in outreach initiatives aimed at improving the patron experience. Overall, I take great pride in and enjoy designing projects, policies and approaches that are constantly pushing our work forward and most importantly, improving the experiences of the staff, faculty and students.

Public Services Library Technician - University of Colorado Boulder, Waltz Music Library
I was responsible for placing materials (physical and electronic) on course reserve each semester. I enjoyed this work and in the short time I was in this position, I improved the policies and procedures around reserves to better assist faculty and students. There were many items on reserve that had been there for years, so I also cleaned out reserves and created policies that would ensure our reserves were always up to date. I was only in this role for a short time because my work was quickly embraced by library leadership and when a position opened up, I was moved into a professional position as the Branch Manager.

Information Delivery Services Specialist - University of Colorado Denver, Auraria Library
I provided customer service and management at the circulation desk. I was responsible for the circulation desk on weekday mornings and also supervised it on the weekends. In addition, I led initiatives to improve reserves practices. I began collaborating with the IT department to start the process of creating an online reserve request form. A very similar version of this form is still in use today. Auraria is an impressive library, taking innovative approaches to information services while serving thousands of patrons and three institutions of higher education everyday.

Assistant Catalog Librarian - Berklee College of Music, Stan Letz Library
Working in technical services was very enjoyable to me as well as challenging and invigorating. I learned to process all copy, basic, and full level cataloging of scores, books, DVDs, and sound recordings. In doing so I increased and applied my knowledge of Library of Congress (LC) classification, Anglo-American Cataloging Rules 2nd Edition (AACR2), and MARC standards. I also worked with Connexion, OCLC’http://ucblibraries.colorado.edu/music/index.htmhttp://library.auraria.edu/https://library.berklee.edu/shapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2
                    s cataloging service, to create bibliographic and authority records. Cataloging has become a real passion of mine. I love the need to pay close attention to detail and think carefully about how to effectively organize information.

Library Assistant, Circulation Supervisor - Berklee College of Music, Stan Getz Library
In this position, I enjoyed working as part of a team with the student workers I supervised to develop protocols and procedures that ensured the effective organization and function of the library. As a manager, I have a philosophy of holding my workers to very high standards, but at the same time providing every necessary support for each worker to be successful. By laying out clear expectations and approaching issues with kindness, fairness, and consistency, I have truly seen the power of effective managing and greatly enjoy the rewards of it.https://library.berklee.edu/shapeimage_4_link_0
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