Pilgrim Telephone Inc., Lexington, MA
For several years, I was the receptionist and first point of contact to visitors of the corporate headquarters of Pilgrim Telephone. I worked to ensure that their first encounter was both pleasant and efficient. This required me to communicate clearly with both clients and my colleagues at Pilgrim in order to assess various needs and apply the appropriate resources to meeting both the client’http://www.pilgrim.com/shapeimage_3_link_0
               s needs.

Citibank, The Lakes, NV
Over the years I worked at Citibank, I held two positions. Both of them helped me develop extensive skills in both costumer service and searching out relevant information. My first position required me to resolve and follow up on written customer inquiries. My second position was in providing costumer service over the phone. However, due to my ability to quickly become familiar with and effectively navigate extensive amounts of information regarding costumer questions and concerns, I was promoted to the Question Gate were I actually served as a resource for other costumer service representatives who needed assistance in resolving their client’http://www.citibank.com/shapeimage_6_link_0
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